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Our mission at Helping Our People Evolve Inc (H.O.P.E) is to strengthen low-income communities through multifaceted programs and public presentations with the aim of positively sharing culture and building skills for future success. Our activities include conceiving of and facilitating quality programs and events—designed for whole-family participation though with special consideration for kids—that promote artistic and academic enrichment, and health and physical activity, all with a focus on positive representation that reflects the community’s culture and aesthetics.

Spread Hope by supporting Helping Our People Evolve and provide programs that will be taught by professional mentors in their respective subjects. Donations to HOPE will be used to provide instruction, materials and training for both virtual and in person classes. We recognize that our community deserves more opportunities.

Helping Our People Evolve is  a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. Each donor will receive a donation acknowledgement receipt.

Choose one of the following campaigns: 

Hope Through Community Programs Initiative

A donation to this initiative allows us to provide instruction, materials and training for both virtual and in person classes for community members in low income communities. Through our programs we are looking to create opportunities for community spirit. Community members can develop a sense of camaraderie to achieve a united common goal. Classes ,gatherings, events and lectures will help develop relationships and emotional intelligence. We will be able to create community programs in the arts, health, finance, technology and literacy needed to develop in under-resourced neighborhoods across New York City.
A donation to this Initiative helps low income communities flourish. Your gift will allow us to provide:
Art instruction and supplies to boys and girls
Cover dance instruction and uniform expenses
Financial literacy resources
Mental and physical health instructions and materials
Personal library for home focused on representation
Mentors, Career readiness and tutoring services
Community beautification through murals
Music instructors and instruments
Hands on STEAM projects
Provide bookbags, school supplies, food, clothing, footwear, hygiene supplies throughout low income neighborhood in NYC and Dominican Republic
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Hope Through Cultural Events Initiative

A donation to our Cultural Events Initiative supports us in creating the perfect experience to foster a moment of learning, fun and deepen the understanding of our community and culture. We will encourage the community through our workshops and performances. These event will provide an opportunity for creativity, empowerment and a chance to connect with friends and families through our culture.We will establish a strong community identity and keep old traditions alive, while also making new ones by teaching, strengthening ties in the community, exposing people to others with common interests and bringing awareness to neighborhood resources and fun and fulfilling activities. We look to bring the community and events offering memorable moments for our wonderful neighborhoods with a shared experience where community members will enjoy numerous, unforgettable activities focused on arts, health, finance, technology and literacy of our culture.

A donation to this initiative will give opportunities to develop life skills such as critical consciousness, critical thinking and how to foster empathy, to name a few. We believe we can teach our community to cultivate and facilitate their skills , while adopting the knowledge and expertise of our community leaders which help them build connections to future generations and expand on our culture. We believe that through these events inspiration from direct representation of our residents makes all the difference in continuing to reflect the aesthetics of our communities; a powerful and instrumental part of the change we seek in providing much needed resources.
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Hope Through Scholastic Initiative

We are thrilled to offer schools in low income communities with a subsidy for programs that set children up for success focused on life skills. There are building blocks they need for future success: creativity, confidence, problem solving and social skills. By blending academics with art, and career building, we aim to guide children into adulthood to become successful leaders of tomorrow. With your donation to our fundraiser or purchase of an item such as a stem kit, art kit from our kiwico wish list you will foster a child’s natural creative and curious nature, develop confidence and skills that help tackle challenges in society.

You may help by donating to our Cultural Events Initiative Fundraiser below: