Hope Through Health is focused on physical and mental health. We look to create healthy daily routines and habits that aid community members. At HOPE, one of our goals is to remove the barriers in our community preventing this growth; barriers such as cost, access and lack of information. Our health and wellness experts will work to break down those barriers.

Our Fitness program is not only focused on physical activities aimed at physical health, but the mental benefits of daily exercise as well.
Our Running program was created for young runners to learn stretching, running mechanics, posture and foot strikes. Engaging in appropriate running form is key to efficient and injury-free training; good running techniques help develop distance running, increase speed, and reduce injuries. We believe in the power of activity to help develop healthy daily routines that will build lifelong physical and social-emotional skills. Showcasing the success of community leaders in running should serve as an inspiration to individuals and families.

Yoga (Coming Soon)
Nutrition (Coming Soon)
Mental Health (Coming Soon)
Hope Through Miles Event (Coming Soon)